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Freedom in Jail

From Rebellion to Acceptance, from a Reactive to a Cognitive attitude

I realised I was free to take one of many attitudes toward the situation, to give one value or another to it, to utilise it in one way or another.

I could rebel inwardly and curse; or I could submit passively vegetating; or I could indulge in the unwholesome pleasure of self-pity and assume the martyr’s role; or I could take the situation in a sporting way and with a sense of humour, considering it as a novel and interesting experience (what the Germans call Erlebnis). I could make of it a rest cure or a period of intense thinking, either about personal matters - reviewing my past life and pondering on it - or about scientific and philosophical problems; or I could take advantage of the situation to undertake person psychological training; or, finally, I could make it into a spiritual retreat. I had the clear, pure perception that this was entirely my own affair; that I was free to choose any or several of these attitudes and activities; that this choice would have unavoidable effects which I could foresee and for which I was fully responsible. There was no doubt in my mind about this essential freedom and power and their inherent privileges and responsibilities.

Excerpt from Freedom in Jail by Roberto Assagioli

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