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  • My Approach

    I believe in empowering and encouraging you into a journey towards a balanced lifestyle.

    A Holistic Treatment

    You are much more than muscles and bones​

    I take into account your complete being, not just the physical symptoms or problems but psychology, environment and nutrition and the effects, both positive and negative, that these can have on the body as a whole.


    After an initial assessment we can arrange private massage therapy sessions to treat areas of concern in your body. Also, there are the options of having private meditation guidance or join a meditation group (which can be formed on demand).


    Relevant aftercare advice will be given after your treatment suggesting things that you can be doing in order to improve your physical and mental health so that the benefits from your massages or meditation sessions can be felt for longer.

    The Mind & Body Connection

    A complex interrelationship

    What we do with our physical body (what we eat, how much we exercise, even our posture) can impact our mental state (positively or negatively).


    On the other hand, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can also positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are.

    Fix in Six Approach

    Pain Reduction Protocol

    I follow a tested protocol in order to reduce pain in up to six visits.

    It is recommended that you see me once a week for up to six weeks to achieve a reduction in your pain.

    Once there is a consistent reduction in pain that lasts between treatments (usually around the third week), then the time between treatments will be increased to two then three weeks.

    Eventually, if you remain pain free between the lengthened time of treatments, we can move onto maintenance treatments of once a month or whatever suits you.

    Maintenance treatments are a great part of everyone’s health care routine.

  • Massage Therapy

    Therapeutic, Soothing or Invigorating Massages tailored to your individual needs

    Different techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release and manual lymphatic drainage will be used to achieve your goals which may be keep injury and pain free, improve or maintain your health and performance.

    Holistic Massage

    Pressure and intensity of movements are adapted to client’s needs and can also alleviate post workout soreness.

    Combining the therapeutic properties of oils to promote health and well-being, holistic massage has a smooth, flowing style that promotes:

    • General relaxation
    • A greater range of movement
    • Improvement to the digestion
    • Removal of toxins and waste
    • Relief from stress
    • Improvement to circulation
    • Boost to the body’s immune system
    • Relief from muscular tension and fatigue

    Advanced Clinical Massage

    Aimed at reducing chronic pain and improving range of movement releasing tightness in muscles and restrictions in the connective tissue that surrounds them.

    Sessions also include work to pinpoint trigger points, which can cause localised pain or referred pain patterns such as sciatica, numbness in the arm, knee pain or migraine headaches. Other techniques include amma fusion, deep tissue massage, sports stretching and myofascial release. This means I have a vast number of tools to choose from and can modify each session to best suit your current needs.


    Advanced clinical techniques can be used for almost any type of pain, including:

    • low back pain
    • neck pain and stiffness
    • headaches and migraines
    • shoulder pain, including frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
    • sprains, strains and sports injuries
    • sciatica
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • tennis elbow and other RSIs
    • piriformis syndrome
    • whiplash
    • sacroiliac joint dysfunction
    • hip and pelvis pain


    I work on an outcome-based model that aims to significantly reduce pain and improve range of movement in 1-6 sessions. I will design a treatment plan with your individual needs in mind, and regularly track progress to see how we’re doing against our treatment goals.


    All appointments include relevant homecare advice, putting you in control. I will give you easy-to-follow stretches, exercises or postural advice to support the massages and the overall treatment plan.

    Pregnancy and Maternity Massage

    Special type of massage designed to accommodate the unique needs of pregnant women after the first trimestre of pregnancy.

    Focus on the back, shoulders, arms and legs. Face, head and neck can also be massaged.


    • Reduces stress and the physical strain associated with pregnancy
    • Helps to mitigate stretch marks, by nourishing and hydrating the skin so that it will be more elastic
  • On-site seated acupressure / chair massage

    Quick tone-up massage that could be given in shops, companies, parties, etc.

    (from 15 to 30 minutes).

    A short time out to recharge batteries will be much appreciated by you and your employees.


    Based on the principles of Anma, a traditional Japanese massage, it incorporates over 90 specific acupressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back.

    I am a member of industry professional bodies and hold full liability and indemnity insurance.

    Costs can be paid in full as an employee benefit as part of your wellbeing programme, subsidised with an agreed contribution from the employee, or the company can simply provide the space and time for the employees to benefit from the service. Either way, the service can act as a front line tool in identifying and preventing injury and illness at work as well as providing a valued oasis of relaxation in the busy workplace.

  • Meditation

    The Art of finding Stillness and Calm

    Relaxation and Daily Mindfulness Techniques

    We will explore simple yet effective techniques using a non religious approach.


    • In my practice room in Ealing or in your company
    • One to one private lessons or group sessions
    • Suitable to anyone over the age of 16 with an interest in learning how to relax 
    • No previous experience necessary
    • No need to sit cross legged or chant, its all done in a chair or walking around
  • reiki

    Japanese energy healing system where the client may lie or sit down and remains fully clothed during the treatment.


    The Practitioner places the hands on the client’s head, or on various position near the Chakras along the torso - and simply lets the Reiki energy flow. If wished, the treatment can remain “hands-off” with the practitioner holding their hands about 10 cm above the client’s body. The energy will flow wherever needed, and can significantly aid the body’s innate healing abilities.




    • helps to relax and cope with stress, harmonising body and mind, and aiding meditation.
    • starts a detox process in the body, helping to rid itself of the toxins we take in every day.
    • increases intuition and will help you to become more aware of your life’s purpose.
    • is a spiritual path, re-connecting you with the power and peace within yourself.
    • is not a religion. It is simply a tool that works with whatever religious path you have chosen for your life – and equally well, if you do not follow traditional religious beliefs.




    where the practitioner sends a full treatment to someone who isn’t physically present, e.g. to someone on the other side of the world.

    Customer’s testimonial:

    “I had about 4 sessions of Reiki with Jonathan. I have to confess that in the beginning although I desperately wanted some great improvements in my health (I suffer from heart failure) I was a bit skeptical if Reiki was going to help me at all. But I trusted Jonathan and decided to give it a go. Having said that, since after the first session I have noticed the benefits of Reiki. I felt calmer, more serene, less anxious and with more energy.

    In the beginning of the sessions I felt my arms really warm as if somebody was holding me, although I knew Jonathan’s hands were not touching me at all. I also felt the same heat around my chest and tummy area and in sessions’ two and three I felt my head spin a bit too. The sensation I had was that whatever was causing my heart to failure, needed to be removed and come out. I know it might sound a bit strange but that is what I felt.

    My latest session of Reiki with Jonathan was fantastic. I felt all that energy flowing as if embracing me. I have no words to describe the powerful feeling that took over me. Although it was so peaceful and calming it was also stirring something inside of me, and at the same time during the whole session I felt as if something was telling me “I love you, and I forgive you”. It was very emotional and beautiful. After the session I spoke to Jonathan and he explained to me that sometimes we need our forgiveness to heal and let it go. I believe that.

    I think Jonathan is a wonderful professional, really caring and a truly gifted human-being. He knows his job and he will give 100% to make sure that we improve through Reiki. I really recommend him.” (K Quinn – Stroud – July 2013)

  • therapist


    07746  388200


    Qualifications & Experience

    My clientele ranges from dancers, runners and people involved in physical activities to members of the general public.

    My practice involves treating musculoskeletal issues as well as general relaxation.


    I had the opportunity to support people with mental health problems and I can sincerely say that it was very rewarding teaching them how to self-massage as a way to cope with their issues.


    I hold an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage Level 3 and an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist Certificate. Also I have other certificates which can be seen upon request. Moreover, I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA).


    In the last few years I have been practicing and studying Mindfulness and Meditation as a way to improve my wellbeing and to be of support to my clients.


    At the beginning of our session there will be a consultation to focus on your needs. Your treatment will be adapted, from firm pressure to a more sensitive touch.


    “I felt really good after the treatment – very lively in my mind, but also relaxed. I also felt good the next few days.May I say that it was a beautiful massage. I felt really pampered and beautifully relaxed. Your room is is very calming and your touch is just brilliant. I hope to be able to come again before too long.” H.E. (February 2013)


    “I greatly enjoyed the very thorough and stimulating massage you gave me yesterday. In every respect it was focussed, professional, tension relieving and invigorating. I appreciated the care and attention you gave me on health and well being matters and your very welcome hospitality. You are thoughtful, engaging and put me at ease as well. I look forward to follow up sessions with eagerness.”


    "I booked an appointment of one hour and I was extremely pleased with the service as Jonathan does not rush clients at all and time does not seem to be an issue to him.
    He is very polite and professional and his massage room is clean and peaceful.
    I have recommended Jonathan to friends and will keep on doing.
    Thanks Jonathan and all the best!!”

  • Rates & Locations

    In Ealing Broadway W5, Your Company or Hotel


    Rates in my private practice room in Ealing Broadway:

    • 30 minutes       £30                                    Extra charges for Home visits within Central London and around Ealing. 
    • 1 hour               £60         
    • 90 minutes       £85                                     Packages: Buy 5 hours and get the 6th Free
    •  2 hours            £110  

    Cancellation Policy

    Appointments that need to be rescheduled or cancelled—for any reason—must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.




    I see clients in Ealing Broadway W5.

    I can visit companies and hotels to treat your employees or guests.

    Let me know which location would suit you best so that we can find a date for your first treatment.


    Jonathan 07746 388200



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  • Preparing Yourself for a Massage

    (A Holistic Approach: A Western and Eastern Fusion)

    Before your Treatment


    1. Drink plenty of water before your session to avoid slight nausea post session.


    2. Eat a light snack 1 hour before your massage to avoid feeling light headed after your massage due to very low blood sugar levels but not so large as to cause discomfort on the massage table.


    3. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs.


    4. Where possible, avoid painkillers and muscle relaxers so that you are able to fully feel the massage and give uncompromised feedback.


    5. Come as you are: No need to wait for a manicure or wax session. All shapes and sizes are welcome.


    6. Ensure good personal hygiene avoiding any sweat and/or unpleasant smells.


    7. Cover in a sanitary way any wound or verruca/wart in your hand or feet.





    1. Sometimes massage can be uncomfortable when dealing with old injuries or chronic pain patterns can be uncomfortable. However, please tell me if the pressure applied reaches 7 in your pain threshold from 1 to 10 so that we stay within your “comfort zone” and I can adjust the treatment accordingly.


    2. Having an intention to heal and focusing your thoughts on the part of the body in need of care helps to stimulate repair of that area. Our thought processes, and conscious intent and focus could be cultivated to stimulate and maximised healing potential.


    3. Close your eyes and observe the sensations running throughout your body. This is also a practice similar to meditation which will also help slow down the breath, again enhancing the treatment.


    4. Breathing enhances results because, when you move the breath, you move energy throughout your system. If you hold your breath, energy stops flowing. The best thing you can do when you are faced with any intense sensation during a treatment is to breathe through it. It helps if you can imagine that with every exhalation you are releasing any stagnant or unhealthy energy out of your body.




    We have made an effort to get your body back to a more balanced state. Soon after any treatment the body and energetics are in a vulnerable and fragile state so I recommend:


    1. Drink plenty of water since it is a natural immune system booster particularly during flu season.


    2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and processed sugars for some hours afterwards since these substances send a stress signal through your body.


    3. If possible, take a little nap, sleep or get into the resting yoga pose savasana so that everything settles into its new pattern.


    4. Be gentle with yourself and don’t expect miracles from one treatment.

    Good results can happen, there is no doubt about this, but, in most cases, repetitive treatments are necessary. The body takes time to re-adjust itself to new patterns and new ways of being. Generally speaking, the longer the condition has been present, the longer it will take to adjust. Healing takes time, but, with enhanced bodily awareness and an open mind, improvements in one’s condition are often sped up dramatically.


    5. In order to heal you have to become aware of what you are doing to your body.

    The initial phase of healing requires you to become very aware of anything you are doing that could possibly be contributing to your problem and removing these negative factors (such as stress, lack of sleep or poor posture) as soon as possible.


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